Make your photos worth 1,000 more words

We partner with wedding professionals giving them a leg up on the competition by offering something totally unique to offer their brides and grooms – an original song that brings their love story to life in a whole new way. At Songfinch, our hand selected Songwriting Community turns memories, experiences and feelings into a carefully crafted song within 7 days. 

Many photographers love to deliver their wedding photos to their clients in a slideshow that brings the pictures to life and makes sharing easy. Have your bride and groom create their very own song with us that you can sync to the slideshow and gives the slideshow a whole new meaning. 

What we offer our photographer partners

There are a few different services we offer our photographer partners based on your needs.

Referral Program
We want to make it easy for you to increase your brand's value while making some money doing it. We developed a technology solution to enable you to offer this additional service with little to no work on your end. 

  • We will create your very own webpage branded with your logo and $25 for every song sold through your company's page is paid back to you. This gives the service your brand's vibe and feel which adds to your brand's value.

Licensing Instrumentals
The power of music can enhance your slideshows and photo delivery greatly and make it a better experience for your clients to go through. With new songs being created every day, we are sure to have tracks that will help make your visuals shine.

  • All licenses in perpetuity and all media use
  • Original songs made on demand so forever free of all YouTube claims
  • One-time fee of $40 a track

Some of our favorite Songfinch wedding songs