Offer the gift of a lifetime

Nowadays, couples want everything about their big day to be customized to fit their unique personalities. Songfinch's partnership program gives you the ability to bring your clients’ favorite stories, memories and feelings to life through a custom crafted song. Whether you want to add a little something special to your DJ set, give your video that extra breath of give one of the best 'thank you' gifts available, Songfinch has got you covered.

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About Songfinch

Songfinch developed a technology platform that gives customers the ability to commission a song from a ground level. They begin by telling us favorite stories, memories and feelings about the person that will be receiving the song. Next, the song is shaped by selecting the song specifics such as mood, vocal type and genre. Once that is all selected, Songfinch takes that information and hand picks the best artist from our community of 250+ songwriters to bring the song to life.

Story by you. Song by us. Sincerely yours.  


Some of our favorite wedding songs


A few wedding song uses

    • Wedding video soundtrack
    • Couple's first dance
    • Mother/Son Dance
    • Father/Daughter Dance
    • Wedding Recap / Wedding Favor
    • Wedding Website Theme Song
    • Bridal Party Introduction At The Reception
    • Morning Of Gift To Bride/Groom
    • Vendor Gift To Couples
    • Wedding Gift From Parents
    • Wedding Party Gifts
    • Reception Dance Song