The early bird gets the worm

At Songfinch, we’re incredibly passionate about telling people’s stories through song. So while we’re busy building our full interactive experience, there's no waiting around, no “coming soon”, just beautifully crafted songs made especially for you. 

So get in before prices increase at launch and bring your story to life today! 


Tell your story 

Putting your experiences into words can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a form to help guide you and coax the best tidbits out of your noggin.

Pay for your one-of-a-kind song

For $200, a whole lot of good happens. You get a memorable gift, an independent songwriter gets paid for doing what they love and we get to keep telling stories! 

We work our magic & our songwriters work theirs

We analyze your story and hand-pick a songwriter from our community to make your song. We then leave them to do what they do best: write amazing music! 


A special delivery just for you

Within 7 days, we deliver your one-of-a-kind song with a private, sharable link for your enjoyment. Listen, feel, and share it with those you love!  

Tell us your story

Your Story
List specific words, names, phrases and/or personal stories that will vividly paint a picture for us and the chosen musician to work with.

If you need a jump start, here are some ideas: give us their name(s), some of their favorite activities, foods, music, embarrassing moments, inside jokes, family details, your favorite memories of them, etc.

Not everything will necessarily make it into the song, but the more information you give, the more we have to work with. If you have some details that are very important and you really want them included in the song, please indicate that when entering them in.
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