We appreciate you

Think about it, you’ve now made five songs and at the very least, earned some extra cash and made a strong, positive impact on five people’s lives. Now that you've completed these songs, we would love to hear about your experiences and get a bit more information about you so we can best position you within our Songwriting Community.

Let's continue to bring positivity into this world and build connections, one song at a time. 

Personal Information
Current, past, & future experiences
Do you think the current compensation is worth your time put in?
We understand that all requests are different based on several factors. In general, how long does it take you to write, record and mix one request?
If we had unlimited opportunities to send, how much time would you like to spend on Songfinch each week?
(Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Father's Day, Retirement Party, Pregnancy Reveal, Personal Anthem, etc.)
What genres are you able & interested in making for Songfinch?
We want to show our appreciation to you
We will never take your talents or time for granted. We truly appreciate you being a part of Songfinch & want show our appreciate by sending you a little gift for completing your first 5 songs. We are bringing positivity into this world, one song at a time and look forward to keeping this thing rolling forward.