"Pumpkin Butt & Dr. D"

Song Lyrics

He wakes each morning and puts on those old overalls
Wipes out the remnance of last night at Main Street Bar
He puts out an OJ before heading off to the gym
With a note signed your Pumpkin Butt left for his Dr. D

She packed up her bags and settled in his grandmas house
With much resistance cause no one thought he'd want a spouse
Now he might be messy but she sure likes working with pigs
So he'll be her Pumpkin Butt and she'll be his Dr. D

He says I'll take this Iowa girl to be my Bartelso bride
She says I'll take this wild country boy
Cause he'll spend bathroom nights by her side
Yes and one day they hope to plan
For a love as good as Marv and Jan
As her country Pumpkin Butt and his sweet Dr. D

Forever as Pumpkin Butt and his sweet Dr. D

Yes he'll be her Pumpkin Butt if she'll be his Dr. D


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