"Shine As One"

Song Lyrics

Never knew a time without you
You were there right from the start
Princess stories, silly ploys
Cracking jokes, chasing boys
You smile your way right into the heart 

A sister’s love is never-ending
Always enough, and never too much
One cold shoulder can't compare
To one of those hugs just like a bear
So, I guess we’re growing up 

You met the man and gave your hand
To the one who speaks no name
And this I know, the rooster crow brings
The light of a brand new day 

He understands just what he’s getting
Knows the joy of brothers, too
No midnight pranks or wall of Claire
Or cuddles with the golden
Can prepare him for the joy of you 

He’s met the girl that made his world  
Much brighter than he thought it could be
And now he’s here, we’ll treasure the years
As one big, happy family 

So thank you for the wonderful memories
Those gone by and those to come
They’re bringing out the best in us
Let’s raise a glass to bless them
As these star-crossed lovers shine as one 



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