"Claire Bear & Rooster"

Song Lyrics

Claire bear
we didn't always agree
We used to play princess
And I was Minnie Mouse
While you sat on your throne
And I cleaned up the house 

Claire bear
You loved that princess powder
I used steal all your gum
You were none the wiser
But it wasn't my fault
You were just a bad hider

Claire bear
You know I love you Claire bear
I hope you have the most beautiful life
I know you're gonna make him a wonderful wife 

Hey rooster
I knew that you were a keeper
You made us all meehaw
You really went for it all
With a picture of my sister
That took up the whole wall

Hey rooster
He who speaks no name
We can't agree when we met
But I won't let you forget
I got the rest of your life
To win that bet 

Hey rooster
You're a Flitcroft now
You know you're stuck with us
For better or worse
Best be glad she didn't meet your brother first

Claire bear
mmm hey rooster
We wish you all of the best
From all of us
And if you don't like this song
Then you can blame it on Gus



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