Song Edits & Adjustments


Song Edits & Adjustments

from 50.00

Level 1 Song Edits - $0

  • Your songwriter mispronounced words (names, places, etc.)

  • Your songwriter misinterpreted the order of your story or anything in your submission

  • Your songwriter added something in the lyrics that is not true to your story

  • The typed lyrics on your Story Homepage are incorrect

Level 2 Song Edits - $50 (each edit)

  • You forgot to provide a detail or two that you'd like incorporated into the song

  • We did not include certain details from your submission that you want in the song but you failed to indicate that in your submission

  • We included a detail you provided in the song but you didn't want it in the song and failed to indicate that in your submission

  • You'd like to add an additional verse to your completed song

Level 3 Song Edits - $100 (each edit)

  • You want the instrumentation built out more (drums, bass, guitar, harmonica, etc.) - available additions vary by artist

  • You'd like changes to the song that requires changing the choruses or both verses

  • You want to edit the lyrics of an existing foundation chorus before or after song creation

Level 4 Song Edits - $150 (each edit)

  • You want your song completed in a different genre than you selected

  • The song followed your submission points, hit your mood and genre but you want a different artist to work on it

  • You changed your mind of any of your original selections after the song is created (genre, mood, desired reaction, etc.)

If an edit that you are interested in is not listed above, we can probably still make it happen. We are flexible and want to ensure your happiness so send an email to and we'd be more than happy to make sure that your edits are made and your song exceeds your expectations. 

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