Yes, the fun legal stuff

Some Key Songfinch Songwriter Agreement Points
- You sign off on behalf of any additional songwriters and producers that are on the songs you submit (most, if not all, of the time it’s just you)
- $100 per song paid within 48 hours (generally we get payment out within hours of submitting and accepting the song. Quick songwriter payments are a high priority.
- Songfinch owns the masters & the artist retains all the publishing for the song that is submitted. Songfinch owns the master so the artist doesn’t take the song and do anything the customer wouldn’t agree with and the customer doesn’t do anything that the artist doesn’t agree with. The verses are going to be very personalized to the story in which is being told so 99% of the time, you wouldn’t want to use those exact songs for anything. But if you like a chorus, a line or two in the song, chord progression or full instrumental, you can use those in a new recording and we don’t touch that master. We only own the master of the actual song submitted for the customer.
- The customer is allowed to use the song for personal use only (reproduction on physical items for personal use, social media, internet, etc.)
- Songfinch cannot license the music to third parties without artist approval and any fees will be split 50/50 between Songfinch & the songwriter. Any royalties generated from sync placements go 100% to songwriter.

Songfinch Songwriter Agreement