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Songs For Our Soldiers

Songfinch helps bring people closer together with their loved ones through one-of-a-kind songs that celebrate their unique relationships in ways words alone just can’t express. 

To celebrate Veterans Day, Songfinch is giving away 111 songs to active duty military, veterans, and their families. Soldiers and their families sacrifice a great deal, on the battlefield, on the home front, and in the large amount of time spent away from loved ones. To show our gratitude for all those who sacrifice to serve our country, Songfinch is proud to announce its “Songs For Our Soldiers” campaign.

Songfinch is uniquely positioned to deploy the power of music to bridge the distance between our soldiers and their loved ones. As Kayla, one of our first participants selected said of the song her family made for her brother serving overseas, “Sometimes music just says it better than words.” We couldn’t be more excited to showcase the power of the Songfinch platform to bring these stories to life.

When I ask him why he has to go, his selflessness shines through. He says, “So that other moms can have their sons come home too.”
— Kat S., Illinois


Featured Story: "Hero In Our Hearts"

My son has been deployed four times, and every day my family and I wonder where he is, if he’s going to call and if he’s safe. You can’t necessarily put all that into words, and even though we try when we’re able to chat with him, we wanted a way for him to keep our love close until he can come home.