"Lawrence Kansas To The North Side"

Our Customer's Stories

Who is it for? Our friends Jud & Katie (from the maid of honor & best man)

Occasion: Their Wedding (we are going to play it after our speeches)

Mood: Light-Hearted, Happy, Comical, Upbeat, Dance

Story For The Song

Maid of Honor: Lauren
Best Man: Daniel

•  Most people know her as 'CK'

•  Lauren & Katie met in college at KU (Kansas University) 

•  She got her nickname because there were a ton of Katie's in our dorm, but she was the crazy one so we called her "Crazy Katie" or "CK" 

•  After the dorms she lived in an 8 bedroom house with all girls that she called the G Dub House. It had all the best parties & Katie was always at the center of it

•  She would setup flip cup on her porch and would always ask people over to play with her / even people just walking by

•  She is the DJ of the house, always has music on

•  She was the captain of the KU club soccer team and worked in sales for the Daily Kansas (she is an awesome saleperson, she can convince you to do anything)

•  Daniel and Jud call each other 'Wingman' & lived together in Lawrence, KS. They had the best after hours bar at their house and they called it "Wingman's"

•  Daniel met Jud at college, we went to Washburn in Topeka, KS and were on the Washburn baseball team  

•  He shuffles his feet when he dances after a few too many drinks

•  Last year, Jud won his first JC Cup Golf Championship

•  He is known as the best salesman in Chicago (and the second best salesperson after Katie )

•  Jud loves the song Regulators, he can sing the whole thing. 

•  He loves beer, wine and steaks

•  We experienced the Jayhawks winning the National Championship in 2008 in Lawrence, KS and got wild on Mass Street

•  Katie and Jud are huge KU fans, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Chiefs & Kansas City Royals fans

•  They then moved to Chicago, both are in sales and they live in Wicker Park

•  Wedding is in Chicago on a boat called the Leading Lady