"Pop Rock Flowers"

Our Customer's Stories

Who is it for? My Fiance

Occasion: Our Wedding

Mood: Light-Hearted, Reflective, Happy, Some Tears

Story For The Song

Love Story:

•  We met as kids (about 5 years old) because our dads worked together 

•  Started dating when we were 18 & 17 (I’m older)

•  Fell in love the first summer together 

•  Went to college in different states which was hard (I went to Illinois she went to Indiana)

•  Dated for 5 years & proposed to her at sunrise on the beach (North Avenue Beach in Chicago)


•  She is from the suburbs, I grew up "in the city", I tease her for it

•  The first time I went to her house we finger painted and planted flowers with Pop Rocks in the dirt

•  We like to travel a lot together, do photoshoots, and binge-watch TV shows

•  We are big University of Michigan Fans (Wolverines)

•  We both have summer cars (I have a convertible she has a scooter)

•  She loves to read, write, take photos, do creative things

•  Embarrassing nicknames - she is Moose & I am Goose

•  Lived in Copenhagen together for a year