"Faunty Family"

The Story: To say I have an interesting family is definitely an understatement, but as crazy as we are, I was fortunate to grow up around the entire group of them. My mom has 4 siblings (2 sisters, 2 brothers) and for most of my life, we lived within a 20 minute drive of each other. My grandparents were the glue that held us together, and because of that, we spent a lot of time together as a collective. When my wife and I found out that we were going to be parents, we knew we had to do something special to announce the latest addition to our crazy little family. While I have 3 younger cousins (and a younger brother), my youngest cousin is 11, so there hasn’t been a “baby” in our family in years. We knew the excitement of that alone would be enough to put the family into a frenzy, but this is also the first (and potentially only) great-grandchild my grandma may live to see. So we wanted to create a song that not only announced the pending arrival of Baby Faunty, but also celebrated the unique contributions of each member that collectively makes us a “family”.