"Dance With My Daddy"

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Who is it for? My dad

Occasion: Daddy/Daughter dance at my wedding

Mood: Light-Hearted, Reflective, Happy, Sweet

Story For The Song

•  We constantly listen to and sing anything by The Rolling Stones together
---- Favorite Songs: Wild Horses, Angie & Dead Flowers
•  Although our #1 band is The Rolling Stones, we also mixed in a little Aerosmith
---- Favorite Songs: Sweet Emotion, Livin’ on the Edge, Jaded & Pink

•  My dad taught me how to do the “Mick Jagger walk” at a very young age and we bust it out every once and a while

•  He doesn’t play his guitar in front of many people, but he has always played for me and we sing and dance like fools

•  He always coached my little league baseball teams. I never played like my brother’s (not even close) and he still cheered me on as I picked the Dandelions in the outfield and brought them to him instead of playing ball

•  I started riding horses at the age of 7 and my dad spent every out-of-work moment cheering me on at the barn & my horse shows

•  He worked several side jobs just to financially support my love for riding and horse shows

•  We have a shared love for animals, especially our dogs & horses. His “granddog” Max & “grandhorse” Bailey adore him

•  Everyone says I got my dad’s personality- crazy silly, a little weird/quirky

•  We both lost one of our favorite people in the entire world, his sister and my aunt Vicki, way too soon to breast cancer

•  He never understood how to handle my random crying spurts that would break out as I went through puberty as a pre-teenage girl, so he always pawned me off onto the older girls at the barn to figure it out

•  I always make fun of him for wearing “hiking boots” because we live in the Chicago suburbs where there ARE NO MOUNTAINS 

•  When I was little, he would set up my sleeping bag and pillow on the floor to fall asleep, but he knew his job as “The Milk Man” was never complete until he delivered me my pre-bedtime milk in my sippy cup

•  He has always called me his little princess

•  We have a relationship full of sarcasm, jokes, and making fun of one another- but I will always be his little girl