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Who is it for? Jonathan & Emily

Occasion: Moving To Colorado

Mood: Light-Hearted, Reflective, Happy, Splash of Humor 

Story For The Song

• We (Jason and Melissa) met Jonathan and Emily at church when they were looking for a new place to stay, Jonathan had noticed Jason's Bane (a band) shirt before

• We first hung out at El Cid and discussed them moving into our upstairs apartment, Jonathan still had plugs in his ears

• They've lived here for 8 years & are now moving to Colorado for a new job

• Our first son Deacon was 1 when they moved in - now Jonathan and Deacon (our first son) discuss fantasy novels, especially Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

• Caden, our youngest son and their son Jude are close buddies (they are both 3 years old)

• They got a bunch of friends to move in next door and the Lyndale crew was born

• We've been to shows together, grilled out in the back yard together, watched fireworks on the roof together

• They call us their "friend-lords" and we call them our best "friend-ters”

• Jonathan likes to walk around without a shirt on

• In the 8 years they have lived upstairs we have really had a unique community in city living. We have gotten to experience swapping kids for nights out, meeting parents, supporting each other when times are good, and taking care of each other when times have been bad. There are times that they are so much a part of our lives its hard to even imagine them not being there

• We'll miss them terribly, and maybe someday we'll finally finish watching Battlestar Galactica together (a reoccurring joke.) (This Battlestar bit would be great to be part of the chorus)