"Better Late Than Never"

Our Customer's Stories

Who is it for? Mr. and Mrs. Hersh (Seth & Sara) 

Occasion: Wedding Gift From His Groomsmen, Todd

Mood: Upbeat, Happy, Dancey, Fun with some humor sprinkled in

Story For The Song

The Groom:
• Studied in France
• Favorite music genre is Hip Hop
• Seth's dad is a famous divorce lawyer
• He was nuts in college & his nickname is monkeyman
• He is a foody - thought he was going to be the next Emeril Lagasse
• Seth is a big guy & big talker -- always wears a pocket square & sport coat
• Seth tried to fight me (Todd) in Mexico in front of a cop when we were blacked out
• I think his last girlfriend was a stripper but he didn't know it
• Never could beat me (Todd) in video games
The Bride:
• Sara is a good girl – she wasn’t like Seth
• Sara was Seth’s gift & saved his life for loving him or else he would be in a ditch somewhere

Them / Other Details:
• Wedding was on September 13, 2014 (gift is 2 years late)
• They are fun, outgoing people & close with their families
• They currently  live in Los Angeles, California
• They met Sept. 11th 2010 at South the Michigan alumni bar  while they were watching the
  Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game