"Always Dancing"

Our Customer's Stories

Who is it for? My Mother

Occasion: Mother/son dance at my wedding

Mood: Light-Hearted, Reflective, Happy, Some Tears

Story For The Song

•  Always puts others first – very selfless

•  Never hesitates to tell you what’s on her mind

•  Loves baking everything but especially her famous chocolate chip cookies & friendship bread

•  Family is everything to her

•  Was my biggest cheerleader at my baseball games growing up (played from ages 5-15)

•  Loves watching her “Grand-dogs” named Jack & Chino

•  Her grandmother raised her & was like her mother – we (her grandkids) called her “Candy Grandma”

•  Strongest woman I know – she has lymphoma and is currently in remission. She remains positive throughout treatment and all the ups and downs.

•  We are huge Chicago Bears fans & text during the games

•  Supports everything her children do – they are her life and always will be

•  We have morning phone calls before work every morning just to check in and say hi

•  I try to expand her food range but always goes back to American food (blah)

•  Loves Kohl’s & Walmart (haha)

•  Loves Diet Coke