Song brief: wedding - bridesmaid to couple

I want to give MY SISTER & HER FIANCE a song for THEIR WEDDING that will make THEM LAUGH & BE HAPPY.


Mood: Happy, Upbeat, Light-hearted, Comical


Details for the song:


- Claire, my older sister by 1 year

- We didn't always get along growing up but are very close now

- We would play a game as kids called princess, she was the princess it was my job to wait on the princess

- I also stole all of her things she would buy with her allowance (gum, tinkerbell powder) but wasn't my fault since really she was just a bad hider

- Her nickname is Claire Bear

- She's the only person who gives me hiccups regularly because she makes me laugh so hard, but then gets annoyed by the sound of the hiccups


- Sam has a twin brother

- Knew Sam was a keeper when he made a 'wall of Claire', a giant blown up funny picture that took over the whole wall, for her birthday

- Wouldn't call my dad by his first name for a long time out of nervousness so we'd call Sam 'he who speaks no name'

- Sam's family has a tradition where they jump on someone in the middle of night yelling "meehaw" to scare them awake

- His nickname is Rooster

Them / Other Details

- They have a dog (goldendoodle) named Blue that they got together and they love him

- They live in Milwaukee, WI

- They were set up by Claire's co-worker and Sam's college friend at a party at Sam's old apartment

- They bring out the best in each other and are both clean freaks