Song brief: wedding - groom to bride

I want to give MY BRIDE a song for OUR WEDDING that will make HER FEEL LOVED AND SPECIAL.


Mood: Happy, Reflective, Love, Happy Tears


Details for the song:

- Before meeting her my road was broken

- A stroke caused by a heart problem that went unnoticed since birth

- I had several relationships that were hurtful

- Then meeting hjer in November of 2013, it gave me a very special feeling 

- We met on a dating site "Our Time." She sent me a message saying she liked my smile

- Our first date was Nov. 10, 2013 at Starbucks in Addison - a three hour first date

- Having the stroke and heart issues, God has given me a new outlook on things

- She is the best thing that has happened to me 

- She is my sunshine (that is my nickname for her)

- I love her smile & when she can let go and be herself

- She is what keeps me striving to be a better person

- We love roasting marshmellows, boat rides on the lake, going to Cubs games, go out and listen to local bands, have a cup of coffee and talk about our lives together

- We got engaged Feb. 2016 & sold both of our homes in 3 days

- I proposed in the evening. I was very nervous. I was thinking of what to say and where to propose for about a month. I decided I would ask her at her townhouse in Itasca. The words I had prepared to say were not coming to me. I could not think of anything. So I started speaking from my heart and the words came to me. I was scared, shaking and nervous she would say no. She said yes and made me the happiest I have ever been

- We're closing on a house Oct. 5, 2016

- Funny story: Early on when we were sending messages back and forth on the dating site. I wrote I am " L T D ". I meant Living The Dream. Kris thought I meant LONG TERM DISABILITY