I want to give MY MOM a song for MOTHER’S DAY that will make HER FEEL SPECIAL, LOVED AND EMPOWERED.

Mood: Happy, Light-hearted,Reflective


Details for the song:

My mommy is the truly an angel.

My mom is a grade school teacher and has the kindest, most nurturing, sweet soul. Her love for her children & students runs very deep.

She is currently going through some very hard times - my sister, her daughter, was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses including Lyme disease in the last few years but she keeps positive through it all and I admire that about her.

My mom also just went through a rough divorce with my dad. This divorce lasted 2 years and has been really hard on all of us. Her strength rubs off on us and she’s really helped us get through the rough times.

She absolutely adores her dogs, 2 australian shepherds Benji and Mia, long walks on the beach and hikes.

She loves pop music such as Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Fleetwood Mac, Amy Grant, she calls it 'happy music'

She is also very creative and creates mosaic mirrors in her spare time.

My entire life she has been the most positive & loving person, encouraged me, and always made me feel special and empowered. These days, she needs to be reminded how amazing and strong SHE is.

I just want her to know, today and everyday, how much I appreciate her unconditional love and support and how special she is.