I want to give MY MOTHER a song for HER BIRTHDAY that will make HER SMILE & KNOW WE APPRECIATE HER.


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Details for the song:

Our mom is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom. And she always quotes that line from Mean Girls (“I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”) 

She taught us all the words to “Baby Got Back” and Salt n Pepa’s “Shoop” while we were jamming in the back seat - at least one of us was in a car seat - on the way to school, so it could be cool to include some hint at those lines especially “Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt” or “Gonna wanna thank your mother for a butt like that//Can I get some fries with that shake shake booty”

Even still, she’s remained relevant (for a mom anyway) as the only suburban mom 2 Chainz fans I know

She’s pretty young at heart

She loves to try to embarrass us by yelling “Make good choices” when she drops us off anywhere or when we’re heading out of the house

Our mom likes going on walks, and she is very into living a clean/organic lifestyle

She’s a dance mom and a casual cat lady (she has three: Peter, Steve and Boosey)

She’s really into planning trips, and while she always has ideas of different sites/activities to see, the most fun and memorable moments we end up having are along the way: joking around in the car, someone almost peeing their pants, the usual (cranked up a couple notches). I think that’s a good metaphor for our family life. She gets us where we’re going

We’ve collectively driven over some rough patches, but our mom always makes sure we’re all good, we’re all happy, and we’re all confident and strong

Our mom is the best supporter anyone could ask for. She’s everyone’s number one cheerleader, but she also carries the team as an all-star mom, aunt, sister, daughter, friend and so much more. She is one selfless mama. She’ll listen to us talk about our problems and help us in any way she can and ask for nothing in return. At the same time, she’s very independent, does not put up with any bs and will go full on mama bear on anyone that comes for any of us