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Details for the song:

I met Tiffany in the fall of 2009 at Illinois State University. It was a mutual friends party and I remember the moment she walked through the door I knew I had to gather the courage to talk to her. 

In that moment when I saw her for the very first time it was like everything around me froze and it was just her. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen! She was way out of my league but I knew if I didn't at least try talking to her I'd leave with regret wondering what if... It took me a while to ask her out on an official date because I was so nervous. 

Finding the courage to speak with her was the best decision I ever made because after taking time to get to know one another - we became official on May 2010. This was the day the rest of my life started! 

Over the next 5 years, we graduated college and started our professional careers. It was tough at first because she graduated a year and a half before me so the distance between us while I was still in school and she was working full time was challenging. Still, we fought to see each other every single weekend regardless of what it took and made sure that every break from school or work was spent together! 

We took our very first vacation together to Las Vegas in the summer of 2014 and our second vacation together was to San Francisco in the summer of 2015. The summer of 2016 there were no vacations because winter of 2015 my life changed again forever, for the better, and 2016 would have bigger planning in store! 

Although I knew I wanted to marry her, it was important to me to get her a ring that showed her how much she meant to me and how important she was to me. I saved for a while until I was confident I was able to get her the ring I knew she always deserved! I asked her to marry me on December 12th, 2015 after 5 and a half years together! I asked her in front of a big crowd at the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, friends there with us to capture the moment! She had no idea, lol. 

Tiffany is my greatest accomplishment! She makes me feel safe. She shows me unconditional love day in and day out. Tiffany lets me be myself and accepts every part of me. Tiffany is the person who knows how to pick me up when I'm at my lowest and reminds day in and day out how special our love is. 

Tiffany is a person that makes me excited about having kids and a family. She makes me want to be a better person both for her and our future family! 

Every moment I spend with her are the best moments of my life and every moment I'm away from her I count the seconds until I see her again! She's truly is my better half and completes everything I am! She truly is my soulmate and the one person on this earth molded specifically for me! 

So on our wedding day I want Tiffany to know how eternally grateful I am for her and how special her and our story is to me!