I want to give MY GIRLFRIEND a song for 5 YEARS SINCE WE STARTED DATING that will make HER FEEL LOVED.

Mood: Happy, Romantic, Reflective


Details for the song:

We met in high school and she took me to her senior prom when I was 17 and she was 18. She was prom queen and that night I fell in love with her. I asked her to be my girlfriend on the last day of school by writing the question in her yearbook. We dated that summer and it was amazing.

She was leaving to go to college in Utah and we decided to stay together and try long distance and it was very difficult but made me love her even more and work to go and visit her. I visited her after saving enough money to fly to her.

I went to college to play baseball and she was always extremely supportive. She pushed me to be the best I could be as a person and an athlete. 

She transferred to a college in la crosse Wisconsin and I loved going up to visit her.

We did a hot air balloon for three anniversary and I was terrified and she was so courageous. She has sky dived and bungee jumped. She has traveled to Australia, Europe and much of the US.

She graduated college and worked 4 jobs at one point to save money. She is extremely hard working. 

She has the most beautiful brown eyes and is the most compassionate, funny, witty, giving, caring person I have ever met.

She also loves her dog Harlow and has completed both the Chicago marathon and the Milwaukee marathon. 

We visited Zion national park when she was at school in Utah and it was an amazing experience because it is her favorite place on earth and she shared it with me. 

I love her with all of my heart and want to make her happy - she is my everything.