Song brief: 10th anniversary 

I want to give MY HUSBAND a song for OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY that will make HIM LAUGH & FEEL SENTIMENTAL.


Mood: Happy, Reflective, Love, Happy Tears


Details for the song:

- We met freshman year of college in the suburbs of Chicago.

- One night, I (a shy girl from Kansas City, MO) got drunk with a girl friend and decided to meet everyone in my dorm. We knocked on every door, met interesting people, and overall had a good time. The last room we walked into seemed to have 20 other students chilling and hanging out. That's when I met him.

- One Friday night, I saw him at the Den (the late night food eatery on campus with arcade games and a small pool hall) playing pool. Instead of leaving for a snowboarding trip with friends, I stayed on campus at the Den and pretended I didn't know how to play pool so he could "teach" me. Lots of talking and flirting ensued. We ended up spending the whole weekend hanging out, playing video games, and watching a Matrix marathon that happened to be on TV. The seeds of a relationship were definitely planted.

- Our first "real" date was a month later in the lobby of our dorm because neither of us had a car. I accidentally returned to school from Easter break a day too early (I didn't realize school was out on Monday) and the whole campus was still shut down. He showed up and surprised me with his PS2 and grocery bags full of food we could cook in the kitchen. Since we were still getting to know each other, he wasn't sure of my tastes. Every food item he brought that day was something I greatly disliked. I was still the happiest girl alive, ate everything, and we laughed about it for a long time. Skipping that snowboarding trip was the best decision I ever made.

- Jeremy is the love of my life; my best friend; my everything.

- He always listens to my crazy dialogues and laughs at my goofy gestures.

- He is a fantastic father and my perfect teammate. He's done so much for me over the years that I have no idea how to repay him other than to do my best to keep the big, cheesy smile on his face.

- We are now about to celebrate ten years in love.