Song Foundations - Why & What?

Since launching in late 2016, we've learned a lot from customers, songwriters and the gifting industry as a whole. Being priced at the bottom of the "premium gifting market" limits the amount of people we can reach. Some common hesitations from our customers have been not knowing the artist before purchase, how the song will sound and $200 can be a lot of money to spend on a gift. All are valid points. Obviously we know for a full song, $200 is a bargain and most customers recognize that after they hear their completed song for the first time.

Based on feedback and what we've learned, we developed a $99 offering and launched a limited test run for Valentine’s Day 2018. The product sold very well and the feedback from our customers and songwriters was overwhelmingly positive. It allows our songwriters to turn songs around faster, make more money and helps put some of the selling in their hands. 

It’s important to know that we are not abandoning the current $199 Song From Scratch, but based on how this continues to develop, that product may turn into a slightly higher priced product at around $300+. More on that to come. Being in this new space, we have learned tons and we want to keep the opportunities flowing for artists along with allowing the average person to spread love through music.


What are Song Foundations?

Our song foundations are pre-recorded songs that consist of a full instrumental and vocal choruses. The verses are blank and if the customer purchases your song foundation, they answer a few questions and you will record two personalized verses based on that information. So you can look at it as a song that's half finished and once purchased by the customer, you finish it with 2 verses. 


How Our 'Build From An Existing Foundation' Works

Our customers will browse through our song foundations and select one that fits their style, vibe and occasion. Each foundation consists of a pre-made instrumental and a chorus, giving them a good idea of what their completed song will sound and feel like upon selection. 

Once they’ve selected their song foundation, they complete our Song Creation Experience and answer a few questions to help the songwriter shape the songs lyrics for two personalized verses.

We review and send the submission information to the songwriter and they will use the customer's stories, feelings and memories to write the song’s lyrics. Next, they record two new verses over the pre-made foundation song and mix it so it all fits together smoothly before delivering to Songfinch.

The songwriter is paid upon song acceptance and we deliver the song to the customer.


Summary Of Benefits

Artist Payment: $50 per song
Turn-around time: 4 days
Average time to complete: 45 - 90 min

Orders Are Quicker & Easier.
Complete more songs, make more money, and reach more people. Once the foundation songs are developed, over half the work is already done. From there, once the melodies of the verses are developed (after completing one version of the song), it generally takes under an hour to complete these songs. Averaging $50/hr is not a bad gig for making music. 

Work On Your Time & Schedule. 
Set a weekly song limits which limits the amount of song foundations we can sell at one given time. This allows you to set your workload in advance so we work around your schedule. If you're going on tour or simply not feeling up for it one week - we can mark your limit to zero and your songs will not be available for purchase.

Extra Income.
We send payment upon song delivery and acceptance. You create and deliver - we pay. As weird as it sounds, getting paid immediately for your work is semi-rare in the music industry, so we want to allow artists to be able to make immediate income while they continue to expand and build their career and brand.

Power In Your Hands.
Since our customers choose the foundation song they'd like personalized, it puts the music at the forefront instead of creating a song from scratch.  So, if they make a great song that people can relate to - the chances of it being sold and personalized are pretty good. 

No Term Agreement.
Nobody wants to be locked into an agreement unless the advance is hefty and do those really exist anymore? Our agreement is exclusive and doesn't lock you in for any amount of time and doesn't require any quota. You can take every opp you're sent or do one every few months when you get some free time - totally up to you. 

Artist-Friendly Rights.
Songfinch owns the masters and our artists retain 100% of the publishing for the song that is submitted. Songfinch owns the master so the artist doesn’t take the song and do anything the customer wouldn’t agree with and the customer doesn’t do anything that the artist doesn’t agree with. The verses are going to be personalized, so 99% of the time you wouldn’t want to use those exact songs for anything. But if you like a chorus, a line or two in the song, chord progression or full instrumental, you can use those in a new recording creating a new master. We don't own or control any of that - only own the master of the actual song submitted for our customer. So it's like you're getting paid to practice making music since you can reuse anything you create for us in your own songs.

Artist / Customer Connection. 
On the song delivery pages, there will be a section featuring the artist that made the song. Not only does this grow your fan base and help develop lifelong fans, it allows them to connect with you on a level like never before. There aren't many things an artist can do that will build a stronger connection between an artist and fan like a personalized song.

Want To Get Involved?

We're always looking for great new songs to add to our song foundation catalog.
If you think this would be a good fit for you, below are the instructions to get started.