Songfinch Producer Program

Whether we’re among friends or with our children, in the backyard or on vacation, we create story-worthy moments every day. We created a way for people to celebrate those experiences through a medium that speaks to the soul: music.

To achieve this vision, we’ve built, and continue to grow, an incredible community of like-minded songwriters who are equally passionate about their craft. Acting as “musical matchmakers,” we connect customers and their stories to the perfect songwriter who gives their words new life and feeling through a custom crafted song.

As we expand our offering into the rap, hip-hop and R&B genres, we understand the difficulties of finding production at a price point that makes sense for all parties, so we created the Songfinch Producer Program. We are opening this up to a very limited, hand-picked set of producers. 

How it works

The process is pretty simple. You give us beats on a non-exclusive basis, it’s totally up to you how many you send. We add your beats to our "production catalog" and make them available for our songwriters to use to fulfill song requests. Every time one of our songwriters uses one of your beats in a song, you make money.

The customer receiving the song is granted a personal use license to the song created, so they are able to use the song in personal media, share it online, etc., but are unable to profit from it or use it commercially. Songfinch owns the master of the final song that is created for the customer. You are able to use the beats outside of this deal if you desire and you may continue to pitch it to contacts outside Songfinch while we put it to work. 

What's in it for you?

Everything we do at Songfinch, we do with our Songwriting Community in mind. We created multiple avenues for our Songwriting Community to benefit and the same goes for this program.

Song Fees. Producers earn $20 for each time their beat is used in a song request. The same beat can be used multiple times and it earns money each time. Make your best stuff available or put your back catalog to work, totally up to you. Song fees are paid to you when the song is delivered to the customer - no long waiting periods.

Non-exclusive. We aren't locking you or your beats in for any amount of time. If your beat is used 10 times and the next week an artist wants to buy it or you get an exclusive offer for it elsewhere, shoot us an email and we'll pull the track. It takes no more than 24 hours to pull your beat and make it unavailable for use in new opportunities. We want to give you the freedom to continue to pitch and use these tracks while we put them to work for you.

Licensing. There are opportunities for us to create a licensing catalog for content creators and networks. You retain 50% of the writer’s share and 50% of the publishing share of the completed song; so, if that song is licensed, you will earn 50% of any royalties generated and the other 50% goes to the songwriter. The up-front fee will be split between the songwriting team (producer/songwriter) and Songfinch. Our general licensing splits are 50/50, but in this case, it’s 25% songwriter, 25% producer and 50% Songfinch.

Networking. Not only will your production be played for people all over the world, but you will also be connecting with musicians and artists who may want to use your beats elsewhere. If they select your track from the Songfinch Production Catalog, it must mean they enjoy your style. They may even wish to use it, or another one of your productions, for their next album, mixtape, or solo project – reach out and ask them! Our goal is to bring everyone’s stories to life, including the hardworking members of our Producer Program, so we want to provide you with valuable networking opportunities like these.