Don't Read A Boring Ad...Let's Have Fun With It

Nobody likes to listen to ads and reading them has got to be just as boring. With Songfinch, we turn our ads into a fun experience for you and your audience while creating valuable content for your podcast. Advertise a service that is unique and useful while engaging your listeners on a personal level.


About Songfinch

Songfinch is a personalized gifting company giving customers the ability to harness the power of music by turning their stories, memories and ideas into one-of-a-kind songs from scratch that make for unforgettable gifts.

The foundation of Songfinch lies in our diverse, curated community of professional musicians who all share a desire to make a difference with their music and generate income on their own terms. By leveraging this growing community of over 250 artists, Songfinch is able to offer a line of personalized music products aimed at dozens of gifting occasions.

How The Program Works

The program is pretty simple. Our goal is to create an authentic experience for you and your listeners. All your opinions and feedback will be your own.

Step 1 - Prep: Determine how to best use your song to connect with your audience. Doing a song for a loved one for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, wedding, appreciation, etc.) is the best way to get the most out of our product. *We want to stay away from show theme songs. We can definitely help you with a new theme song for your show (just ask for details) but not as part of this program. 

Step 2 - Submission: We'll send you instructions to claim your song. You go through our Interactive Story Guide and give us stories and details about the recipient along with the song's desired mood, genres and vocalist type. We will take all these details and curate a professional songwriter to bring your story to life.

Step 3 - Listen: We will email you within 7 days when your song is finished and live on your Story Homepage. You will be able to listen and download the song, read the lyrics, share it with family and friends and learn about your songwriter.   

Step 4 - On-Air Reveal: This is where you work your magic. We’ve seen the best results for us and our past podcasters if you play the song at least a verse and chorus and then talk about a story or two behind some of the points that made the song. It helps explain our product well without going into technical language plus builds that personal connection to your audience.

We are more than willing to help with ideas or anything you need but we want it to be natural and you to really tell how you feel about the gift. You will see when you hear it - it’s truly magical the way that our songwriters can bring stories to life in a whole new way. 


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