A Song For Your Soldier

Serving in the Armed Forces has a way of bringing out a man or woman’s best qualities. The discipline hones their strongest traits, the experience tests their greatest skills, and they usually come home with a new outlook on everything. To help you create a song that honors all that they’ve done and commemorates all who they are, here are a few sample questions, a couple of our favorite Soldier song examples, and some story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  How long have you known each other?

•  What are your favorite memories with them?

•  Do you have any inside jokes or funny stories?

•  What feelings do you have towards them joining?

•  How proud are you that they are serving our country?

•  Do they have any habits or anything they're known for?

•  What do they mean to you? 

•  What division are they joining?

Song Examples


“Wishing You Well” by Jake Miles
Genre: Indie Pop


“Hero In Our Hearts” by Companyon
Genre: Indie Pop


"Soldier" by Dave Fenley
Genre: Country


Story Submission Examples


Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Mood: Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

From his sisters (Kat & Abby):

We’ve  always looked up to our big brother and now that your far away you keep a watch out for us.

You help us, you encourage us to keep our eyes on our goals,  though your far away your always here for us and help us with what we need

You’re in our prayers and we want you to come home safely

Momma said you were the angel child……you never admitted to do anything wrong. And now you guard us all

You’re out there  leaving your mark on the world (with a big bang) and were so proud of you

Adventurous and willing to explore new ideas and places. You picked up your call to serve our nation with this same attitude

From Mom & Dad:

He helped his sister by giving her a car so that she could get back and forth to school. It’s her pride and joy

Ingenious and resourceful… He would climb high into the back yard trees,  leaving his little sisters behind. So he created a harness out of tow straps to  help them  climb high.  Always getting in trouble in the back yard… They dug a whole so deep in the back yard… it looked like a deep pool of mud. Those  girls were covered from head to toe. But it wasn’t his  fault.. it was the girls idea, honest!!!!

Brave and full of energy and fun loving
He was such a  little short guy and his smile was bigger than his whole self. AWWW his little short self so full of Tasmanian energy spreading smiles every where he went.

Batman- His favorite game as a boy. How could I have known when I would watch you run around the room in your Batman cape you would grow up to be my hero.

When you have to leave our land I Don't know where you're going. Don't know how long you'll be gone. But you take with you my love and prayers.

When I ask why do you have to go. Your selflessness shines through. You say "So that other moms can have their sons come home too"
You charge me to be strong and brave just like you

You’re walking in your Papas footsteps  (his grandfather, Kats dad was retired Navy as a Sr Chief  Petty Office Nelson for 30 years) and you make me and your dad so proud.

I want to give MY BROTHER, TIM a song for HIS AIR FORCE TRAINING that will make HIS TIME AWAY LESS LONELY.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Mood: Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

My brother Tim will be flying across the country from Portland, Oregon to Florida to go through rigorous Air Force Training.

The past few years has been incredibly difficult for him and the Air Force was one glimmer of hope and light for him. It's been really difficult to watch him go through this pain because he was always the family clown and could make everyone laugh. Now it was our turn to help brighten up him through all the difficult times that he's been going through. 

Alex is one of those guys that lights up a room when he is in it, and everyone is drawn to his sparkling personality.

We have a sister (Chelsea) and a brother (Matt) and we are all very close and love spending time together when we can and we all support him.  

He loves spending QT outdoors in Portland, hiking, camping, biking and playing hockey with his two sons, Lucas and Ryan. They love their daddy and look up to everything he does. Tim is a great father and I know his kids would be proud of what he is sacrificing to serve our country. 

We are going to be one call away and would love to hear from him any time he needs to feel a piece of home. Since we're all so close, it's going to be weird not seeing him around all the time and we will surely miss him. 

He will be in our thoughts and prayers over the next few years until he returns home safe. 

I just wanted this song to show that our family loves and cares about him and his well being and very proud that he is going to Florida to help serve our country.  

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