Newborn / Baby On The Way

However much you read, whatever you’re told, it’s impossible to know what to expect when you’re expecting. Thankfully, getting a song created to celebrate the birth of a newborn is a whole lot less stressful than the real deal. To make it even simpler, we’ve selected some sample questions, a couple of our favorite Newborn song examples, and a few story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  How did you and your husband/wife meet?

•  What are your favorite things to do together?

•  Explain your feelings when you found out you were expecting.

•  Any nickname for your baby on the way?

•  Has your wife/husband changed since your new addition joined the family?

•  What are some qualities of your son/daughter?

•  How does your son/daughter make you feel?

•  Does she have any traits from their mother/father?

•  Any distinct characteristics? (hair color, eye color, chubby cheeks, etc.)

•  How do they make you feel?

Song Examples


“Little Mountaineer” by Jef Joslin
Genre: Acoustic Pop


“Emma” by Dana McKeon
Genre: Acoustic Pop

"Miracle" by Kaite Stump
Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Story Submission Examples

I want to give MY WIFE a song for OUR BABY ON THE WAY that will make HER HAPPY & KNOW I'M READY FOR OUR NEW JOURNEY.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Mood: Happy
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

Sheila & I met while we were working at an ad agency. Our departments worked together and as we got to know each other, the more I wanted to learn about her. Finally built up the courage to ask her out - our first date was a round of golf. From there, I continued to flirt with her and we ended up exclusively dating. A year and a half later I asked her to marry me, we got married 4 months later and celebrated our 4 year anniversary this year. 

We have been married for 4 years and is the 2nd marriage for both of us

She is my partner in crime, we do everything together and truly enjoy each other’s company 

We enjoy sports, traveling, running, Gym, Golfing, Traveling, Summer weekends at the cabin = paddle boarding, nightly campfires, enjoying the sun on the boat

Some of our favorite times are being together at our home (which we call "The TreeHouse") on the 3 season porch - reading, playing games, talking.... basically just enjoying our time together

She always makes fun of me because I'm always coming up with a new nickname for her

We went to Italy on our honeymoon. Started in Venice and we took a water taxi to our hotel, which was outrageously expensive. So, now every time we want to do something that costs more, we say "if only we wouldn't have taken that taxi in"

I've always wanted children, but never wanted to force it or make it happen - I wanted a child with the right person whom I loved more than anything & I found that person in Sheila

Sheila is an amazing caring person and will be an incredible mother - I can only pray that our daughter is more like her than me

We are having a little boy. We both bet we would have a girl and both agreed on the fact that we both thought it was a girl, means we probably would have a boy and we did. We are both so excited to be having a son.

We kindly refer to our baby as "Little Jayhawk" - I went o Kansas and am still a huge fan.


Genre: Indie Pop
Mood: Reflective, Happy
Vocalist: Female

Song Details:

Our daughter, Arlo, is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is a 7 month year old gentle soul who always returns a smile. 

She is a true to life Chicagoan born downtown and raised in the neighborhood. We struggled to have a baby and she has made our lives complete. We live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago which is the same place that I, John (her dad) was born thirty years ago. 

We are amazed to see her grow and develop every single day and we love everything about her. She is a dusty sort of blonde with absolutely beautiful blue eyes. 

She loves her dachshund, Noodle, and grabs the dog's tail when she gets the chance. We stroll around the city meeting people. She makes friends everywhere she goes. Traffic stops to meet this baby. She is a showstopper when she enters a room. 

She loves to sleep (thank god) and eat (she is giant). She is the most beautiful baby that ever existed and she is an also an extremely nice person deep down. 

She is a stoop kid and we sit on the stoop for hours watching the people go by. We love to read books and she lights up when Elmo makes an appearance. 

She loves the water and splashes whenever she gets the chance. We can't wait to get her on the beach! She loves to swing at the playlot! 

This girl loves pink and will no doubt be a fashionista, like her mom. 

Need additional help or have questions?

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