As the Zeppelin song goes, you and your friends have had your share of good times and bad times together. From all the funny inside jokes to the serious heartfelt memories, you’ve got plenty of stories to tell. Choose the best for their song and check out this page of sample questions, our favorite Friendship song examples, and story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  How long have you known each other?

•  What are your favorite memories with them?

•  Do you have any inside jokes or funny stories?

•  What do they mean to you? 

•  What are some of their favorite hobbies?

•  Do they have any habits or anything they're known for?

•  How did you meet them?

•  What are your favorite things to do together?

Song Examples


“There For You” by Jake Capistran
Genre: Folk


“Julie's Song” by John Russell
Genre: Acoustic Pop


"My Nightly Call" by Vikki Golmore
Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Story Submission Examples

I want to give MY BFF a song for MY LOVE FOR HER that will make HER REMEMBER ALL THE FUN TIMES WE'VE HAD.

Genre: Indie Pop
Mood: Comical, Reflective
Vocalist: Female

Song Details:

Jacki is my best friend. Many think we are sisters since we're always together. We grew up as neighbors so it's like she pretty much is my sister.

The street we grew up on is called Belleview and we have a ton of memories from our houses there. Sometimes when we get drunk, we reminisce on all the good times that we had there. Everything from sandboxes filled with water to sledding on Grand Ave to jumping off the trampoline into pool in my back yard. 

My favorite memory of her was when we got our licenses for the first time, she drove a 1997 ford mustang and we would just drive around and hit up the mall, Tastee-Freeze, and to boys houses. We said it gave us a whole new access to life being to go anywhere, anytime. 

Our families are friends and have been since I was born so we've been on vacations together to California, Florida and Italy.  

She is funny and we always laugh together. When we were 12, we were having a sleepover and we were laughing so hard, she peed her pants. She had to borrow my pants for the night. 

We have alter egos that we call each other and hey come out mainly when we drink. I am Geoff and she is Steve. Together, we are Steoff (STEE-OFF). lol.

Another favorite memory was when we both went to the Britany Spears concert. We were wearing matching shirts that had the cover of her first album on the them. Yeah, pretty tacky but we loved them.

I want to give MY BEST FRIEND, PAT (OR PATTY) a song for HIS WORK PROMOTION that will make HIM LAUGH.

Genre: Hip hop
Mood: Comical, Happy
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

I met my best friend, Pat, in medical school at Midwestern University in Downer's Grove, IL back in 2011. He helped keep me sane during very difficult schooling by dragging me to the anatomy lab on weekends or down into "the cave" to study (the basement of our dorm).

We ended up getting an apartment together (which we called the "bat cave") and lived together for 2 years before we moved to Chicago together. So we are roomies and best friends. 

During medical school, I somehow got a cavity on the front of my front tooth. I blamed Pat because he was the person I spent all of my time with and obviously he must have let me walk around with chocolate on my tooth all day or something because I still don't know how I could get a cavity there any other way. Now he is hyper-vigilent about telling me when there's something in my teeth and he gets more nervous at my dentist appointments than I do. 

We did the Chicago Marathon together twice and that has become our thing that we want to do together every year.

Will tries to say that Wisconsin is shaped like a hand. As a native Michigander myself, I always point out that there is only one mitten state and it is Michigan. 

Will makes me feel very special and that I can do things I never thought I could do before (like the marathon and countless other races we have done together).

He inspires me to be a better person. Also, we are on a weight loss journey together and he has lost almost 90 pounds and is looking FINE :)

I am the only person that gets to call him Patty.

Pat is the most caring person I know. He is like a brother to me and looks out for me whenever we're out. He is funny and always knows how to make me laugh when I'm down or having boy problems. I don't know what I would do without him.

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