Father's Day

Some dads are tough, others are lenient. Some dads can’t cook, others only grill. Every dad is different, but they all have at least one thing in common: a soft side. Here are a few things to help you hit him right in the feels, including some sample questions, a couple of our favorite Father’s Day song examples, and a few story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  What are your favorite memories with your father?

•  Do you have any inside jokes or funny stories?

•  What does he mean to you? 

•  What does he mean to your family?

•  Is he a grandfather? What does he mean to his grandchildren?

•  What are a few things your dad taught you over the years?

•  What are some of his favorite hobbies?

•  Does he have any habits or anything he's known for?

•  Does he have any sayings or words that he lives by?

Song Examples


“Seven” by Jef Joslin
Genre: Acoustic Pop


“Home Is Where You Are” by Max Krumm
Genre: Acoustic Pop


"Your Little Girl" by Nismah Osman
Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Story Submission Examples

I want to give MY DAD a song for FATHER’S DAY that will make HIM PROUD OF WHAT HE'S ACCOMPLISHED & FEEL LOVED.

Genre: Folk
Mood: Happy, Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

My dad's name is Joel and he was born and raised in Chicago but has lived in Minnesota for over 40 years.  

He is married to Martha and she is the dominant force in the family.  

My dad is a quiet and extremely patient man who has remarkably ""put up"" with my mom for 45 years of marriage.  

He has traveled the entire world and won many awards while working for Dayton's/Marshall Fields (his title was director of Trend). He is super stylish and an incredible artist (water colors).  

He is a grandfather to 3 boys with a new granddaughter on the way.  

He definitely goes by the theory of speak quietly but carry a big stick. His employees would tell us that they were often intimidated by him. If he would walk through a department store and didn't get the customer service he expected it would turn pretty ugly.  

His patience extends to his tolerance of sports. He feigns interest so that my mom (who is a huge baseball fan) is happy. That pretty much sums him long as my mom and his kids are happy, he is happy.  

He's always been a stylish dresser and at 80 years of age, I would still borrow his wardrobe.  

He used to straighten his hair but cops a pretty awesome fro.  

He used to dress as Garfunkel from Simon and Garfunkel.  

I want to give MY DAD a song for FATHER’S DAY that will make HIM KNOW HOW IMPORTANT HE IS TO ME.

Genre: Country
Mood: Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

We constantly listen to and sing anything by The Rolling Stones together (favorite songs: Wild Horses, Angie & Dead Flowers)

Although our #1 band is The Rolling Stones, we also mixed in a little Aerosmith (favorite songs: Sweet Emotion, Livin’ on the Edge, Jaded & Pink)

My dad taught me how to do the “Mick Jagger walk” at a very young age and we bust it out every once and a while

He doesn’t play his guitar in front of many people, but he has always played for me and we sing and dance like fools

He always coached my little league baseball teams. I never played like my brother’s (not even close) and he still cheered me on as I picked the Dandelions in the outfield and brought them to him instead of playing ball

I started riding horses at the age of 7 and my dad spent every out-of- work moment cheering me on at the barn & my horse shows. He worked several side jobs just to financially support my love for riding and horse shows

We have a shared love for animals, especially our dogs & horses. 

Everyone says I got my dad’s personality- crazy silly, a little weird/quirky

We both lost one of our favorite people in the entire world, his sister and my aunt Vicki, way too soon to breast cancer

I always make fun of him for wearing “hiking boots” because we live in the Chicago suburbs where there ARE NO MOUNTAINS

When I was little, he would set up my sleeping bag and pillow on the floor to fall asleep, but he knew his job as “The Milk Man” was never complete until he delivered me my pre-bedtime milk in my sippy cup

He has always called me his little princess

We have a relationship full of sarcasm, jokes, and making fun of one another- but I will always be his little girl

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