Yeah, you want to say ‘Happy Birthday,’ and sure, they may be a ‘Jolly Good Fellow,’ but this year on their birthday, you’re celebrating them with an amazing song that sings their praises like they’ve never heard before. To help you make it an extra special gift, here are some sample questions, a couple of our favorite Birthday song examples, and a few story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  What are your favorite memories of them?

•  Do you have any inside jokes or funny stories?

•  What do they mean to you? 

•  What are your favorite things to do together?

•  What are some of their favorite hobbies?

•  Do they have any habits or anything they're known for?

•  How did you meet them?

•  How has your relationship changed since you met?

Song Examples


“Roll Tide” by JDP
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap


“I Found You” by Dan Patrick Fulton
Genre: Country


"Te Amo" by John Russell
Genre: Acoustic Pop


Story Submission Examples

I want to give MY GRANDMOTHER a song for HER 90TH BIRTHDAY that will make HER HAPPY & PROUD

Genre: Indie Pop
Mood: Happy, Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

I want to surprise my grandmother at her 90th birthday party by playing this song. 

My home life with mom and dad had its dysfunction, but when I would visit my grandparents' house, it was always a refreshing change of setting for me.  A glimpse of normalcy.

She taught me table manners and many other common courtesies and etiquette. As a Spanish teacher there would often be "repitan" lessons around the dinner table, where she'd teach me/us the Spanish translation for things on the table. And how to ask for them in Spanish. She always cooked tasty meals and we'd all gather around a table to eat, instead of in front of a TV like it often was with my parents at home. I was particularly fond of a hearty meal she'd cook called Cornwall Pasty's (pronounced "pass-tees"). A side of her family originated from Cornwall, in the U.K. A huge mining town in the 1800's.  

As mentioned, Carol taught Spanish. She took more schooling in her 30's and by around 40, went from homemaker to Spanish teacher. She was still teaching as a substitute up until about 2 years ago. And was recognized by District 87 earlier this year as a distinguished educator for her passion and unique personal style in the classroom.  And her ability to really engage the students.

Any traveling I did as a kid was with my grandparents.  They took me to places like Washington D.C., Seattle, Denver; as well as many car-trips to places like Arkansas or beach towns in Michigan.  My senior year of high school they brought me and their whole family to Mexico to mark a milestone anniversary.  They turned me on to the idea of travel and developed a sense of wanderlust in me that would otherwise not have struck me.

She's especially fond of trees, their varieties, habitats and symbolism. When she was younger she'd tend to a garden. Even when crouching in a garden became difficult, she never took a backseat with nature.  

She has been a teacher of everything to me. She and my grandpa helped me figure out where I fit into this world and set me up with intellectual skills I could use to flourish as an adult. They motivated me to choose a college major, helped me tour and pick a school and even aided me financially.  

My grandma Carol has given me backbone and vital structure for succeeding in life.  Or at least for always having a curiosity and passion in life.

She largely loves classical music (Vivaldi's Four Seasons being among her favorite)  But she is pretty hip for a 90- year old and enjoys many 60's, 70's and possibly modern pop/folk.  There was an album of all Beatles covers done in Spanish in the 70s or 80s by a group called Los Mustang.  When she learned that I was a BIG Beatles fan, she dubbed me a copy of this album. She told me she would play this album for her students as an inventive way to help them learn vocabulary and sentence structure.

I want to give MY BEST FRIEND, BETH a song for HER 35TH BIRTHDAY that will make HER LAUGH AND CRY HAPPY TEARS.

Genre: Hip hop
Mood: Happy, Reflective
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

Sara and I (Beth) met our Freshman years at college, she at Loyola, me at Northwestern & we've been best friends ever since

She was from Detroit, I came from a small town in Indiana
We were both ravers in the same party scene. We met at a mini-rave on the Northwestern campus on a foggy, laser light-filled dancefloor. We were both wearing "phat pants” & loved house music.
Coming from a small town in Indiana, I had never seen anyone like Sara, 6'1, box braids down her back, dark red lipstick, mesh tank top, phat pants, and shelltoe adidas. I decided immediately that she would be my best friend.
Junior year we got an apartment together with 2 friends (Joe & Janet) in Lakeview (Chicago). We shared the attic as our bedroom, our beds about 3 feet apart.

The next year, just she and I moved further towards the city to the Ukrainian Village (Huron & Paulina) where we got 2 cats, Hello & Zulu.
We were party girls. . . from the raves to the bars and clubs (Mad Bar, Slicks, Red Dog, Pontiac) to Coachella & Lollapalooza, to the after parties, to the hotel lobbies, we got it in. We were inseparable.

Eventually we started a clothing line together called Everyday People. We had 3 or 4 great seasons, produced some great shows, but eventually life took over. It was a passion project that we did in addition to full time jobs and eventually those jobs and the demands of adulting took over.
I came from a pretty overprotective upbringing and Sara happened to have the coolest mom, Marla.
Sara was always so generous with her life and family and her mom became a second mom to me. Through them I saw and continue to see life in a completely new way.

Life has changed a ton since the days spent doing the box step on dark dance floors. We don't spend nearly the amount of time together that we used to partying all night, sleeping in, ordering takeout that we'd eat in bed while watching bad TV.
The time may be less, fewer and far between, but the Love is and always will be there.  

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