Whether you’ve been together for six months or 60 years, you and your sweetheart share a love story like no other. Just as no two snowflakes are identical, every romance is unique in its own way. To help you celebrate what makes your relationship special, we’ve put together some sample questions, a couple of our favorite Anniversary song examples, and a few story submissions we’ve received in the past to give you an idea of what others submit.

Some Helpful Questions

•  Where and when did you meet?

•  Where was your first date? How'd it go?

•  When and where did you propose?

•  How did you propose?

•  When and where was the wedding?

•  Any sayings that you both live by or say to each other?

•  What are your favorite memories together?

•  Do you have any nicknames for each other?

•  What is their personality like?

•  What do they mean to you?

•  Any funny stories or inside jokes?

•  Any children or pets you want mentioned?

Song Examples


“Lived By Love” by Dan Patrick Fulton
Genre: Country


“Thirteen Years” by John Gardner
Genre: Acoustic Pop


"Yours" by Evan Gibb
Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Story Submission Examples


Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Mood: Romantic, Happy
Vocalist: Female

Song Details:

Jenny and I met in high school and she took me to her senior prom when I was 17 and she was 18. She was prom queen and that night I fell in love with her. I asked her to be my girlfriend on the last day of school by writing the question in her yearbook. We dated that summer and it was amazing. She was leaving to go to college in Nebraska and we decided to stay together and try long distance and it was very difficult but made me love her even more and work to go visit her. 

I went to college to play baseball and she was always extremely supportive. She pushed me to be he best I could be as a person and an athlete. 

She transferred to a college in Michigan and I loved going up to visit her.

She graduated college and worked 4 jobs at one point to save money. She is extremely hard working. 

Jenny has the most beautiful brown eyes and is the most compassionate, funny, witty, giving, caring person I have ever met.

She also loves her dog Marlow and has completed both the Chicago marathon and the Milwaukee marathon. 

We visited Zion national park when we visited Utah and it was an amazing experience because it is her favorite place on earth and she shared it with me. 

We did a hot air balloon for one anniversary and I was terrified and she was so courageous. She has sky dived and bungee jumped. She has traveled to Australia, Europe and much of the US.

We both love Chicago (where we live and we're both born and raised) and love finding new places to eat and have fun.

Her nickname is Jenz

I love her with all of my heart and want to make her happy. She is everything to me.

I want to give MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE a song for OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY that will make HER CRY HAPPY TEARS.

Genre: Indie Pop
Mood: Reflective, Happy
Vocalist: Male

Song Details:

Anna and I have been married for 20 years this May. We met in Nashville when she was a 20 year old flight attendant and I was a 22 year old bartender. After we go married we moved to Orlando, Florida to be closer to her family who lives there.

While we don't have any children, we do have several nieces and nephews (including a few godchildren). We both love dogs. Cats not so much.

Anna loves hunting for a bargain while shopping and can't stand to pay full price for anything.

She is happiest when she and I are doing something together and likes to relax by watching Netflix on the couch or getting a massage however, she doesn't indulge herself too often. 

Our favorite vacations have all taken place in Mexico (at the beach of course). 

I have never been able to express my love for Anna in words. She is my everything. When she smiles at me I still feel like I did when we were first dating. Although I try, she wins every argument. While we have grown older, I think she still looks like she did when we met. I love to hear her laugh and turn into a protective bear when somebody makes her upset. 

Anna's personality is fun loving but sometimes cautious. She worries about the future (a lot) even though I try to tell her she shouldn't. She is eternally pessimistic while I am a full fledged optimist (a perfect yin and yang). 

We recently went through several very tough years but are now emerging in better shape than ever. While she doesn't always think so, she is a strong intelligent woman who is the soul of our marriage. 

Our hope is that one day we will be able to move to the San Antonio area. 

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