A Meaningful Gift For Your Grad

High school and college graduations are significant milestones in students’ lives. They signify the ending of one era and the beginning of another; however, just as significant is the impact these events have on the students’ parents. Now more than ever, Mom and Dad are seeing their young ones in a whole new light: no longer as children, but as adults. No longer as theirs to protect and cherish, but the world’s to embrace and challenge.

Celebrate the achievements of your graduate while reminiscing on their childhood with a one-of-a-kind song you can both cherish as they step into a new stage of life.

It was absolutely perfect! There were a lot of tears from our friends and family who were there, as well as on the dance floor. As we were dancing, our son said to me, “Mom, you’re going to make me cry.”
— Renee M.
Oh my God, there are tears of joy in my eyes! What a beautiful song! I cannot wait to share it with my two wonderful girls!! Thank you again, I just love this idea and the song truly warmed my heart!!!
— Pamela H.

Graduation Songs

"We're In This Together"

Growing up, Sarah’s mom was both mother and best friend to her. They did everything together, including working and living together on a resort in the middle of a desert in Utah. When she graduated high school and got ready to leave for college, she wanted to tell her mom how much she truly appreciated the life they had built together.

"This Time Next Year"

Cody gave so much of himself to everyone he met — classmates, teammates and, most importantly, his little sisters. His father saw how much he had grown throughout high school and, for his graduation, wanted a way to celebrate all that he had become as well as excite him about all that he had left to do in life as he prepared to move away for school.

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