Real-Life Gifting Stories

This year, we want to share some real-life gifting stories. Whether you received the best gift of your life or you received a gift that you couldn’t believe someone would think you’d like — now’s your time to let it out and talk about it.

Of course, we could make up some great gifts like waking up to a new car in the driveway with a big red bow or some gifts that weren't too exciting like a new toaster or some new socks, but we want these to be real stories to make it much more entertaining and interesting.

Let us know the story behind the best gift and/or the worst gift you’ve ever received and we’re going to pick one lucky winner to create a Personalized Song From Scratch ($249 value), which will become the best gift you’ve ever given. The winner will be emailed on December 3, 2018, giving plenty of time before the holidays to redeem and create your song. Additionally, we may bring your stories to life this holiday season on our Instagram so be on the lookout.