Tell Dad Thanks With A Song

Dads are a special type of person. Dads drop off their kids at the airport super early so they have time to eat, nap and brush their teeth all before checking their bags. Dads overcommit to coaching their kids’ little league team and wear the baseball hat every time they mow the lawn, long after the season ends. Dads help their 25-year-old kids file their taxes and stay up until midnight with them until the final ‘t’ is crossed. And Dads give their kids advice on how to give their kids advice once they become moms and dads themselves.

Dads don’t do it for the recognition — they do it for the unconditional love they feel for their kids. Nonetheless, they cherish every hug, every wave and every time they hear their kid say, “Thanks Dad,” no matter how old they are or how simple the task.

With a one-of-a-kind song written just for him, you can finally say thanks in a meaningful way that really shows how much of an impact his everyday acts of dad have made on you through the years.

That song was amazing! My husband hasn’t stopped listening to it and has already sent it to all his family! You guys are incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing it with us and making his birthday memorable. It’s hard to find something new for him. As we were going to sleep last night, he said that was the best birthday present he ever received!
— Susan R.
Our son recently had a song custom made for my husband and me. Words cannot describe how genuinely accurate and touching this song ended up being. It’s almost as if the songwriter had personally known us. Thank you Songfinch! It’s a gift we will cherish the rest of our lives.
— Jan M.

Dad Songs


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