Enhance Your Podcast With Custom Music

You spend hours planning content, recording, and marketing your podcast. Many podcast creators hold off on custom music because they feel it’s too expensive or they don’t know where to begin. Whether you need a custom theme song all about your podcast, an instrumental for your mid-rolls or even an existing song to use, we got you covered. We’ve created songs for over 150 podcasts and music enhances the production of each podcast we work with.


About Songfinch

Songfinch harnesses the power of music by turning stories, memories and ideas into one-of-a-kind songs.

The foundation of Songfinch lies in our diverse, curated community of professional musicians who all share a desire to enhance productions and make a difference with their music. By leveraging our growing community of over 300 artists, we’re able to create high-quality custom songs in many different genres and styles with quick turn-around times.

Listen to some of our favorite songs we’ve made with podcasts.

Some Podcasts We've Worked With


Custom Podcast Music Pricing

Our flat pricing structure includes the licensing fees as well as the song creation fee so you know what you’re paying before we get started. There are no hidden fees with our service or song creation.

Existing instrumental sync license  •  $100
We have a catalog of over 2,000 instrumentals ready to be used in your podcast. These range from acoustic pop, singer-songwriter, folk, hip hop, country, r&b, rock and more. You can license these and use them in your podcast the same day.

Custom instrumental creation & sync license*  •  $200
If you want a certain vibe, style or want the instrumental to be scored to your visuals, let us create something just for you. 

Custom song creation & sync license*  •  $300
Our Songwriter Community is comprised of real, touring artists that have done songs for some of the largest brands in the world. They can take your vision and turn it into a musical masterpiece. 

*Prices include 1 edit. Additional edits available for an additional fees.