Stand out & gift something different this year

That expensive bottle of wine you sent your client was set right next to the other 10 bottles of wine they received for the holidays. Don't get us wrong, we love a good glass of wine, but this year set yourself apart from all the other gifts and give the gift that one will never forget.

At Songfinch, we turn memories, experiences, stories and feelings into a carefully crafted song. Everyone has a song inside them and this gift gives you the power to make your heart sing. 

  • Our corporate partners receive a discounted rate based on quantity purchased:
    • 1-10 songs: $200 ea
    • 11-25 songs: $175 ea
    • 25+ songs: $150 ea
  • We provide you with beautifully designed gift cards and a greeting card for delivery
  • Your company will be associated with a cool, new gift that will be shared and talked about long after first listen

 How it all works

  1. You identify how many gifts you would like to get and purchase the gift cards
  2. We provide you with beautifully crafted gift cards, each containing a unique promo code for 100% off
  3. Your staff member or client comes to Songfinch.com and goes through our simple story guide
  4. We curate the best songwriter to develop a unique melody, write lyrics and create their song within 7 days
  5. Their song is delivered to them on a personal URL that they can listen to, read the lyrics, learn more about the songwriter & share

Some our favorite Songfinch songs