Offer something special while contributing to your cause

At Songfinch, our hand selected Songwriting Community turns memories, experiences and feelings into a carefully crafted song within 7 days. We believe we can use our service to inject more positivity into the world. First, we started with using songs to help individuals connect in a whole new, heartfelt way -- tears and hugs are a frequent occurrence every time our songs are delivered. Second, we are doing good in the artist community by helping songwriters work in the studio and get immediate payment for doing what they love to do -- making music. Our next step is using music to help raise money for various causes we believe in through our charity partnership program.  

How our charity partnership programs work

We want to make it easy for you to increase your charity's value by offering something useful and innovative to your supporters while directly raising money for your charity - it's a win-win all around. We developed a technology solution to enable you to offer this additional service with little to no work on your end. You expose it to your followers through word of mouth, email blast, social media, etc. and we create the songs, deliver them to your supporters and send you checks each month for your percentage of the sales that goes directly to your charity. 

  • We will create your very own webpage branded with your logo and $25 of every song sold through your page is paid back to you. This gives the service your brand's vibe and feel which adds to your brand's value. 

Some of our favorite Songfinch songs