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Your wedding day is ultimately its own story within itself, a celebration of love, life and your unique relationships with loved ones. From the story of your love as a couple, and the groomsmen's crazy relationships with the groom, to the unique bond between a daughter and her father, weddings are full of storylines just waiting to be told. Why not capture those emotions, feelings and memories in a song that can live as a memory of your special day forever?

Learn how we bring stories just like yours to life below:

Tell your story 

Putting your experiences into words can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a form to help guide you and coax the best tidbits out of your noggin.

Pay for your one-of-a-kind song

For $200, a whole lot of good happens. You get a memorable gift, a songwriter gets paid for doing what they love and we get to keep telling stories! 

We work our magic & our songwriters work theirs

We analyze your story and hand-pick a songwriter from our community to make your song. We then leave them to do what they do best: write amazing music! 


A special delivery just for you

Within 7 days, we deliver your one-of-a-kind song with a private, sharable link for your enjoyment. Listen, feel, and share it with those you love!  

Wedding Song Examples

"Always Dancing"

Song Use: Mother / Son Dance

Moods: Happy, Reflective, Tears 

It's always tough to find the perfect song for the signature mother and son dance with today's musical landscape. Surprise her with a song that reminds her of all the wonderful memories and lets your appreciation for her shine through. 

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"Dance With My Daddy"

Song Use: Father / Daughter Dance

Moods: Light-Hearted, Reflective, Happy, Sweet

Father's have special bonds with their little princesses. When he hands you over to your partner on your special day, you want him to be assured that he is not losing that. Make the first dance full of memories that will remind him about the special times and make him realize his little girl isn't going anywhere.

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"Lawrence Kansas To The North Side"

Song Use: Wedding Party Song

Moods: Upbeat, Dancey, Happy, Funny, Reflective

If your wedding party is not filled with your family, it's filled with friends that are like family to you. A song is a great gift that can tell the fun, special and crazy stories that prove why your friendship is unlike any other.

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"Pop Rock Flowers"

Song Use: Bride / Groom Song

Moods: Upbeat, Dancey, Happy, Funny, Reflective

Weddings are full of great times and love but what leads up to the wedding is equally, if not more special. The journey is one to remember so why not bring it to life through a song? Write a song for your partner or write one together. The emotions that the song comes with are unbelievable. 

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